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Citrus College Board of Trustee 'overusing' TEC services?
So, what do you think?  34 home visits while you get to wait?
Antelope Valley College cuts Admin $$$
The Antelope Valley Board of Trustees takes action to SLASH administrator pay ...
Citrus BOT Board Protocals
For years many faculty have questioned the appropriateness of certain conduct of Board of Trustee members.  Now, they have addressed the issue themselves...
Errant Board of Trustee behavior?

Here is a copy of a San Diego Grand Jury Report on abuses of power by local community college Board of Trustees in that county.

Should Professors be political?
It's an excellent question.  This Washington Post op-ed piece explores the subject.
LA Community College Bond Fiasco
The Los Angeles Times story of extraordinary mismanagement of the huge bond construction program is explored...
LA Valley College Bond $$ waste...
So LA Valley spends millions on a performing arts center renovation - then throws it away for a new building??
STRS on the brink?
An article on STRS of note....
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