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What is
CCA stands for the Community College Association.  It is an affiliate of CTA, otherwise known as the California Teachers Association.
CCA is the arm of CTA that represents you, the community college faculty member.  Our CCA staff member is Robin Devitt.  Robin is our "go to" person to answer questions, activate legal assistance, get services that can help the local association and members...  In other words, a very handy resource for times of need.
By the way, there is more below...
CTA officer and board member excessive benefits?
Finally, we have some information concerning CTA Board Members compensation.  CCFA received this document on April 6, 2011.  Just click on the PDF link below...
Should CTA/CCA merge with CCC/AFT?
There is a proposal that CTA/CCA (our statewide organization) should merge with the other big union for colleges, CCC/AFT to form a 'new' unified organization called "CCU".  The PDF below is the presntation slides used at the CCA Winter Conference as how how it would all work out...
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