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Spring 2018 Union Times
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Fall 2009
Kathy Bakhit explores the need for unions and Jack Call gives a Senate update.
April 2009
Student Learning Outcomes (SLO's).  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Crazy Idea?  Opinions are explored by Terry Miles and John Vaughn.  Also, Dale Salwak offers wise words...
January 2008
Dana Hester takes control of the Senate and Jim Lancaster champions the CCFA.  Jack Wood offers suggestions on publishing a textbook and the Library lists various resources for faculty and student use...
November 2007
Dana Hester offers and update from the Senate perspective and Jim Lancaster explains the compressed calender MOU and other items.  Terry Miles wonders if moving toward a corporate model is a good idea - or not...
May 1999
The beginning of "the split"; Should CCFA and the Senate become separate? Interesting stats showing a sudden increase in administrative expenses...
Fall 1999
The 'new' library is introduced by Barbara Rugely, while Joe Harvey looks down the road.  George Carlson looks at a 'side' road for non tenured faculty while Jack Wood and Tom Tefft explain the need to be vigilant.
October 1998
Jim Shannon (at the time saving money on shaving equipment) offers a perspective on the controversial issues of the day. Tasha Van Horn comments on a first year view of Citrus while Tom Tefft questions how student grievances are handled.  Kieth Shirey (always shy) wonders who really should be referred to as 'troublemakers'.
Dec 1998
Holiday musings from a bearded Jim Shannon and his merry elves....
Dept. Chairs "Pearl Harbor" Dec. 1996
The attached PDF shows the BOT minutes when the attack on Department Chairs began.
May 2000
Eight faculty members retire, Jack Wood criticizes the CFI proposal, Elanie Moore offers perspective as the incoming VP, Joe Harvey gives thorough analysis of proposed reassign time. Restarting Department Chairs is proposed.
October 2000
Negotiations begin anew, Jack Wood discusses college economics, Pat Lawrence looks at being Treasurer, Elanie Moore investigates 'Partnership for Excellence' money.
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